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Why choose Cuenta hobby?

Through our years of experience with our suppliers, our knowledge of beads and focus on quality, we are the right choice if you are looking for a supplier for your hobby materials. Our company has 38 years of experience in the field of hobby beads. We offer a wide range of both materials, shape and color and quality materials.

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We guarantee that our beads of the highest quality. Because we only do business with suppliers in countries that are traditionally very skilled in manufacturing quality products.

The glass beads in various shapes and sizes have their origin in the Czech Republic. The employees of these factories are true professionals. They are known that they already produce beads for hundreds of years, both mechanically and by hand. The beads are made for us to provide several layers of coating, making our unique glass beads occur. Whether it's faceted beads, pressed beads, or beads with a coating, quality always comes first with us.


showroom cuenta hobby wholesale beads and components

The metal parts such as jewelry pendants, leather sliders, buckles and metal beads
are made in Germany, Spain, Italy or Greece. There you will find the best mold makers that are the ultimate casting beads. After the casting, there is still a finish layer (plating) is provided, which also display different colors are possible such as: gold, pink, black or bronze.

The basic materials
There's nothing worse than going one-of-a-kind bracelet loose or lost. The basis must be so good quality lobster clasp, calot, bending ring, nylon and jewelry glue is a must! The items you find at Cuenta hobby are extensively tested for quality.


showroom cuenta hobby wholesale beads and components

The leather
The leather products are from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany. The Dutch products, such as leather bracelets and flat leather, can be customized. In our own workshops By learning to come find out themselves and determine which product should be made of it, we offer you the opportunity to ask. Together a unique collection

Furthermore, we not only provide glass beads also beads of various materials such as shells, wood, lacquered leg and even nuts and seeds.


showroom cuenta hobby wholesale beads and components