Terms and conditions

PAY ATTENTION! If you have an item from the "Excluded from Return" group, the following rules are not applicable. We make these special for you after your order and are not for exchange.

Art 1-Definitions In these terms and conditions will apply: - Agreement: any agreement of purchase and sale, which cuenta hobby as party seller - Seller: Cuenta hobby Buyer: The other party to a contract; - Quotation: A in the context of the conclusion of an agreement by the seller to the buyer made offer.

Art2. Applicability-These general conditions apply to all offers and all agreements and to any acceptance of an offer by the buyer. - The applicability of any general (purchasing) conditions on the part of buyer is excluded. Purchaser hereby expressly agree to this exclusion -. Deviations from these terms and conditions will be effective only if and insofar as they have been agreed between buyer and seller -. If one or more of the provisions contained in these terms and conditions invalid or legally be, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

Art 3. Quotation All offers shall be valid for one month, unless the offer states otherwise.

Art 4. Changes-Changes to the agreement will be effective only if they are in writing. Between buyer and seller
Nevertheless, the power seller, if between the time of conclusion of the contract and the time of delivery an increase occurs for the costs associated with the fulfillment of its obligation for seller, the purchase price accordingly verhogen.-If the Seller of its right to terminate the agreement. unilaterally and without judicial intervention

Art 5. Episode-Unless otherwise agreed, the costs of shipping resp. delivery on behalf of the koper.-By accepting the supplies declares buyer with quality and quantity of these goods akkoord.-If there is any doubt with seller regarding the payment capacity of buyer, seller has authorized the dispatch resp. to establish security for the payment until the buyer has provided. delivery of goods from

Art 6. Transfer of ownership and risk-Except as provided in paragraph 2 of this article, the ownership and the risk for the goods buyer upon delivery resp. delivery -. long as the buyer the full amount of the purchase price has not been met, seller retains title to the goods. In this case, the property first buyer as soon as buyer has fulfilled all his obligations to the seller -. Required tools / equipment such as cutting dies, molds and sound for exclusive designs of copper are the buyer will be charged, but remain under the management of verkoper.Deze tools / equipment may be used for contracts of buyer unless buyer gives permission for other use only.

. Art 7 Force Majeure - If the seller is due to circumstances beyond to meet its obligations under the Agreement, the obligations of the parties mutually suspended as long as the force majeure duurt.-Force majeure on the part of the seller is the case if, seller after the conclusion of the purchase agreement prevented get its obligations under this agreement or the preparation thereof due to fire, floods, strikes, sit-ins, government measures, defects in machinery, failure in the supply of energy, everything both in the business of Seller and third parties from whom seller the required materials or materials in whole or in part should involve, as well as during storage or transport, whether or not in-house, and furthermore all other causes beyond the control of the risk of the seller.

Art 8. Price and Payment-The purchase price includes only the price of the goods, excluding charges and taxes, as BTW.-buyer is obliged to pay cash, unless otherwise become overeengekomen.Indien not be settled in cash upon delivery the buyer is obliged to payment to be made within 30 days of receipt of invoice or claim for betaling.-buyer is not entitled to the purchase price any amount for any alleged claim against him by deducting brengen.-If the buyer fails to meet its payment obligations in time, Seller shall be entitled from 1 day after the due date of invoice to calculate the amount due for the period which is paid late. statutory interest This authorization is without prejudice to the provisions of Article 9.

Art 9. Breach of contract / termination-If buyer one or more of the under the agreement or the terms and conditions imposed on them obligations, the seller is entitled, without prejudice to the other, its legally accruing resources, the agreement without notice and without legal intervention to ontbinden.In that case the purchaser liable for the damage suffered by the Seller, including consisting of lost profits, the costs already incurred for the implementation of the agreement and the cost of incassomaatregelen.-If the seller in case of default of the buyer to judicial or extrajudicial measures passes, the cost shall be borne by buyer. These costs are considered to be at least fifteen percent excluding the koopprijs.-Without prejudice to its other agents, seller is irrevocably authorized by the buyer, if the buyer are VAT with a minimum of 22.69 euros (50.00 fl) payment obligations to seller does not fully comply, goods already delivered without any notice of default or judicial intervention back to nemen.-Seller is entitled to terminate without judicial intervention and without any notice being required, at the time the buyer is bankrupt the agreement is declared moratorium, or by seizure or otherwise dispose of its assets or parts thereof verliest.-The power in the previous paragraph, the vendor also referred to a feared deterioration in the solvency of the buyer.

Art 10. Disputes All disputes between the parties arising under the contract, or its standing in directly or indirectly related, will be settled by the competent to the normal rules of competency court in Den Bosch (Netherlands). Initially Seller reserves but also the right to submit such dispute to the competent court within the jurisdiction where the buyer is located. before

Article 11. Applicable Law-On the agreement, including terms and conditions, will be exclusively applicable Dutch law.


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